Climate Control – Legislation Changes

The United Fresh Technical Advisory Committee is working with The Climate Controls Companies Association (CCCA) the industry body representing Heating, Ventilation, A/C and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) companies within New Zealand, to ensure members are kept informed of upcoming legislation changes.

The CCCA is working with the Ministry for the Environment in developing the change program for legislation that has committed to the phase down of HFC synthetic refrigerants within New Zealand to meet global environmental treaty requirements. Synthetics currently dominate refrigeration systems within New Zealand and this brings a shift for industries as the government removes the 2 for 1 subsidies that currently are in place with the Emissions Trading Scheme and changes the landscape for HVAC&R.

For those equipped with the right information there are large opportunities to future proof investment choices, create bottom line efficiencies and take advantage of innovations that are occurring when choosing alternatives.

Unfortunately, it also has the potential for those unaware of the change to be faced with significant operating costs and redundant large-scale system investments.

We need to ensure members are aware this change is creating the introduction of a number of new refrigerants to New Zealand, some of which have health and safety implications in their use, storage and site disaster management recovery strategies. These refrigerants are currently going through registration status for use in New Zealand and, as there are no current installs in New Zealand, this will be new information for our industry.