United Fresh has over 28 years' experience supporting and promoting the fresh produce industry, working with the entire value chain, from seed producer and grower to consumer, providing leadership on pan‑produce issues


United Fresh works in partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries and Horticulture New Zealand to help protect New Zealand’s pan-produce industry from pests and diseases.

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United Fresh keeps members informed and provides guidance on Food Laws, including the Food Act 2014 and Standard 1.2.7 for making health and nutrient claims for fresh fruit and vegetables.

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United Fresh works proactively on behalf of our Pan-Produce Industry on Food Safety & Traceability, Domestically Focussed Biosecurity, Weights & Measure and more.

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United Fresh takes a leading role and represents the produce industry internationally on issues important to our members and Industry Standards.

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Members' Meeting - July 2019

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  • 25 Apr 2018

    The Global Fruit & Veg Newsletter - April 2018

    Fruit and vegetables to prevent allergy and asthma

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  • 19 Apr 2018

    Applying for PLU Codes - TAG Update April 2018

    Applications for PLU Codes are now managed by United Fresh here in New Zealand, if you require a PLU Code please make contact with TAG Chair, Dr Hans Maurer hmaurer@agrichain-centre.com

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  • 19 Apr 2018

    Biosecurity - TAG Update April 2018

    TAG has been working on three activities within the Biosecurity field; The fruit Fly Council, the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) process and the National Biosecurity Competency Network (NBCN).

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  • 19 Apr 2018

    Weights and Measures - Tag Update April 2018

    Like consumer goods, fresh produce is subject to Government regulations in the area of weights and measures.

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United Fresh is the only pan-produce industry organisation working in New Zealand for New Zealand members. Membership is open to all involved in the fresh produce industry. There are no levies; contributions are on a voluntary basis, which means you are able to tailor your membership to suit your organisation.

This is a United Fresh member only zone, to request log in access please email info@unitedfresh.co.nz


United Fresh develops a wide range of valuable and relevant resources for members. These resources include Nutrition Information Panels for all fresh fruit and vegetables and a guide to making the associated health and nutrient claims. 5+ A Day promotional collateral is available for all members, along with a library of photography which members are able to access.

This is a United Fresh member only zone, to request log in access please email info@unitedfresh.co.nz