Biosecurity > Fruit Fly Industry Meeting 26/2/19 - MPI to Provide Clarity

21 February 2019

Fruit Fly Industry Meeting 26/2/19 - MPI to Provide Clarity

When: 10am Tuesday 26th February 2019

Where: Banquet Room 1, Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Rd, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

Ministry for Primary Industries will be presenting on the three recent fruit fly findings and will be providing clarity to industry on the protocols required when transporting fresh fruit and vegetables in and through the Controlled Areas.

You will need to register ASAP, there is a 50 person limit for the room, it is requested that one or two people attend per organisation (preferably a company manager and operations person).

Please register via our website, link here.

For further information on the recent Fruit Fly detections in Auckland, please visit our website, link here.


Fruit Fly Emergency Response Template & Documents

This is a reminder to industry that United Fresh NZ Inc. have created Fruit Fly Emergency Response template and documents. These documents are available for download via our website.

Link here.