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25 November 2016

United Fresh Biosecurity Activity Update – November 2016

Fruit Fly Response Template

In October we ran a very successful workshop for those of our wholesale and retail members who operate markets or distribution centres in Auckland’s Mount Wellington District. We introduced the Fruit Fly Response Template which United Fresh developed with the services of The AgriChain Centre and assistance from Andrew Sanders, MPI Biosecurity Capability Network Manager. This workshop will be followed up in 2017 with further training sessions being offered by MPI, involving some key personnel employed at the markets and distribution centres. 

As a produce industry, we need to make sure that we are able to deal with biosecurity events that have the potential to severely disrupt distribution of fresh produce to consumers.  Those of you who experienced the 2015 Queensland Fruit Fly incursion in Grey Lynn, will be able to appreciate what it would mean if a similar situation were to occur near a market or distribution centre location. The focus is on preparedness.  We will keep you advised on the training plans as they evolve.

Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement

MPI recently released their “Biosecurity 2025 Direction Statement for New Zealand’s biosecurity system” and ran a two day forum and workshop event on 22/23 November to introduce the strategies embedded in the Direction Statement. All the relevant information is available at

United Fresh was represented by Dr Hans Maurer and Bevan Ceran, The AgriChain Centre’s Biosecurity Manager. 

The five key strategic directions contained within the MPI document consist of:

  • Building “a biosecurity team of 4.7 million”
  • Providing “a toolbox for tomorrow”
  • Generating “smart free-flowing information”
  • Developing “effective leadership and governance”
  • Engaging “tomorrow’s skills and assets”

It is good to see the attention Biosecurity is receiving and United Fresh is committed to work with MPI and other stakeholders to contribute to achieving the country’s Biosecurity Objectives.

Biosecurity National Response Team Training

The National Biosecurity Capability Network ran a training session on the permitting process required when movement control measurement need to be introduced in the event of an incursion on 23/24 November.  United Fresh was represented by two AgriChain Centre team members on this training course.  In the event of movement controls needing to be introduced, the permitting team makes decisions about whether a permit to move risk goods under the Biosecurity Act can be issued, and the conditions under which the permitted movement takes place. – It is clear that such processes will in future involve not just MPI Officers but staff seconded from industry, in the event of an incursion.

Fruit Fly Technical Working Group Workshop

Earlier this year MPI and signatories of the Government Industries Agreement Deed, such as Kiwi Vine Health, Pipfruit NZ, Avocado NZ, Vegetables NZ and others agreed to develop measures to reduce the impact of any future fruit fly incursion. Out of this emerged the Fruit Fly Council which is now working on a Fruit Fly Operational Agreement.  More at

United Fresh will be represented by Anne-Marie Arts, Managing Director, The AgriChain Centre at a Technical Working Group Workshop on 1 December.  We will report on Workshop outcomes in our next Biosecurity update.