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19 May 2016

United Fresh AGM Tops Off Record Year & Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Our United Fresh AGM & Members meeting held in Auckland on Thursday 12th May 2016 was well received by around 80 of our members who attended the event.

President, David Smith advised that United Fresh had never been in a stronger position, with record member numbers receiving valuable services and industry leadership from our Executive.

Jerry Prendergast our President Elect, provided a snapshot of our recent Strategic Review and path forward for our organisation and the resulting benefits for our members. His report included United Fresh work to:

Develop a Produce Universe Scoping Document
Provide industry leadership via our United Fresh Food Safety & Traceability Committee
Define roles and provide clear industry direction
Develop Biosecurity Templates
Continue to strengthen international connections
Raise our industry profile through strategic communications and public relations

Dr Hans Maurer provided a Food Safety & Traceability Committee update. He spoke about the Strawberry Pilot and further recommendations including United Fresh adopting GS1 Food Safety Traceability methodology as the standard for the domestic industry, and that a broader trial involving several vegetable crops and more growers is carried out.

Hans also presented a follow up from our members’ Biosecurity Workshop. Our Biosecurity Risk Management template is being developed for inclusion in the Site Operating Systems used by urban based wholesale and retail produce distributors. This will be discussed with MPI for feedback.