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19 September 2019

Women & Leadership New Zealand (WLNZ) - Scholarship Support

Nominations close 23rd September 2019.

Women & Leadership New Zealand (WLNZ) is offering leadership development scholarships of up to $10,000 to women working in the Farming and Agriculture Sector. The scholarships are part of a national initiative supporting the increased presence of women in leadership roles across key industries. Please note: Scholarships are now limited for the 2019 and 2020 Leading Edge and Executive Ready Programs. See website here.

The partial scholarships offset a portion of the fee required to undertake one of WLNZ’sflagship development programs.

Scholarships are currently available at three management levels:

Please note: WLNZ programs are highly exclusive developmental experiences and admission into these programs requires successful application.

To make a scholarship or program enquiry simply provide the information below to A scholarship advisor will contact you to discuss your situation.


Position Title:



Management Level (Senior, Mid or Early Career):