Fruit in Schools – Quotes from teachers' in 2018

Awesome fruit, children absolutely love it, we allocate the fruit to fruit monitors who take the bucket back to class to share with their peers and the organise distribution so it teaches them leadership and ownership around healthy eating. They all want to be monitors so the healthy eating message is consistent.

TKKM o Horouta Wananga, Gisborne, April 2018


First and foremost we are so grateful and appreciate the fruit that is delivered to our school twice a week so that we are able to have fresh fruit/vegetables on a daily basis.  

I sent an email out to all the teaching staff and support staff in our school to discuss with their tamariki the same question "how do you think fruit may be impacting your children and possibly the wider school community?"  and received a wonderful response from our new entrants classroom all the way to our year 8s. Here are the responses below:

It's good for us because it's sweet and tastyWe know we can always count on having a piece of fruit everydayIt's healthy and it's freeIt gives us extra energy to get through the dayIt makes us feel healthy and hydratedIt provides us with all the essential vitamins that we normally don't getIt improves our focusIt is free and accessible for our families who would not normally be able to provide for usIt's a great opportunity for us to have a fruit break/brain break during our learning time so we can keep our brains fuelled It keeps us strong It tops us up if we bring no/limited lunch

Once again thank you for the opportunity to receive fruit each day, we are very humbled and count our blessings every day.

Huntly West School, Waikato, May 2018

We're 'peachy', we are absolutely loving it, we do a two-yearly health survey and always include Fruit in Schools providing nutrition but also the education factor. I am always surprised when parents say "I didn't know my child liked bananas or a five-year-old that has never seen a banana. We have a healthy cafe and run it at a loss, so the children can have a healthy option. I started in 2003 and it was amazing the pre-packaged lunches, I have banned lollies, ice-cream and fizzy drinks and I definitely wasn't popular, but it has paid dividends now. It's amazing how many children come back after a break and struggle because they've only had pre-packaged food and healthy options.

Waipa School, Waikato, May 2018


My apologies for not getting back to you earlier. Allandale students and the staff look forward to receiving the fruit every morning. The students look forward to their class buckets each day- which means that they can eat fruit during class time if they are hungry. A lot of or kids do not have fruit in their lunch boxes. The Fruit in Schools gives them the fruit each day. In between class times the teachers let the kids snack a piece of fruit. This means we are not having hungry kids all the time. At the end of each week if we have fruit left we put it out for the school community to grab some. The families are very appreciative of this. This means the fruit is not wasted. Thank you for organising this for us.

Allandale School, Bay of Plenty, March 2018