Fruit Fly Emergency Response Resources

Fruit flies are a direct and serious threat to New Zealand’s horticulture industry. For this reason, we have developed downloadable Fruit Fly Emergency Response Templates and Documents to assist United Fresh members in the event of fruit fly finds and incursions (see below).


Fruit Fly Discoveries 2019

Two different types of fruit flies were discovered in three separate areas of Auckland (Otara, Northcote and Devonport) between February and July 2019.

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Queensland Fruit Fly

80% of New Zealand’s horticulture crops are susceptible to attack from these fruit flies making fruit and vegetables inedible and posing export restrictions.

Biosecurity New Zealand has been investigating finds of single male Queensland fruit flies in 2019 in the Auckland suburbs of Northcote and Devonport.

An area of Northcote remains under a Controlled Area Notice restricting the movement of locally produced whole fresh fruit and vegetables (except for leafy green or root vegetables) out of controlled areas to help prevent the spread if there are more out there.


Bactrocera Facialis Fruit Fly

Facialis fruit flies can harm home gardens and horticulture crops, in particular, capsicum and chillies. This fly is difficult to catch at the border because it can arrive as eggs or tiny larvae concealed inside fruit.

Three single male facialis fruit flies were found in separate surveillance traps in Otara between 18 February and 5 March 2019.

No further flies have been found in Otara and the Controlled Area Notice has been lifted.


Fruit Fly Updates - 2019

Latest situation - 11 October 2019

The Controlled Area Notice in the Northcote area remains in place, restricting the movement of certain fruit and vegetables to help prevent the spread of any fruit flies. The focus for the response's spring programme continues to be on maintaining movement controls, baiting and more intensive trapping. 

MPI Update - 11 October 2019


Biosecurity New Zealand has reintroduced controls on the movement of fruit and vegetables in the Auckland suburb of Northcote following the detection of a further Queensland fruit fly. Learn more here:

  1. Download here: MPI Requirements and guidance for the export of fruit fly host 2019

  2. Download here: Export Restrictions Zone Map for Export

  3. Download here: Auckland Queensland fruit fly 2019 – Exporter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Fruit Fly Emergency Response Template & Documents